All 4 models VINCO series 303SS 100% milled


The Patented "Three-Zone" groove design featured on all TRU2 putter faces is the result of careful and meticulous Research and Development. The real secret to the technology is how the grooves act to increase the contact time on the face of the putter and help launch the ball at the correct angle no matter where the ball impacts the face. Whether low, high or in the middle of the face the angles of the grooves in each zone are designed to optimize the time the ball spends on the face and launch the ball at the correct angle. This improves ball roll efficiency and the feel and sound of impact. Not only are the patented grooves very deep, creating a soft feel at impact, they are specifically designed to direct your ball onto the green surface at the ideal launch angle to give you more control. Simple.

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Miss-hits are the result of misalignment of the center of mass (center of gravity, or COG) of the putter head and the center of mass of the ball. We know that a ball struck towards the toe deflects the putter face “open” to the right, and a ball struck on the heel deflects “closed” to the left, but what is known about miss-hits above and below the center of mass? What about the VERTICAL relationship? TRU2 GOLF knows this information. We have observed what happens when a ball hits too low or too high relative to the center of mass, and have created the technology feature to help you putt better.

A player who strikes the ball below the COG has added loft during the stroke due to an early use of the hands or wrists, launching the ball too high and creating a jarring or vibrating feeling. This is because the ball is struck towards the bottom of the face. This is the most common mistake that players of all skill levels make when putting, and it has huge consequences. The ball does not roll properly. It reacts more like a chip shot that skips and skids until finally beginning to roll after gravity and friction eventually bring the cover of the ball in contact with the green surface. This inefficient technique serves to confuse the player because the ball does not slow down as predicted. Speed control is directly related to the predictability of the deceleration of the ball and, in turn, the break of the putt. This is something that many skilled players understand. Skilled players have learned how to roll their ball so that they can accurately predict how it will react after impact. When you master speed control through better roll, then the line of the putt will become obvious. You learn faster when you are consistent and you gain skill much faster. The patented TRU2 GOLF putter face helps to create the more consistent roll you need to master ball speed.

One other little-understood fact is that golf ball has changed over the past two decades. This is the result of creating harder covers in order to increase distance. Of course we like to hit the ball far, but as a result of the harder covers there has been a cost in terms of control on the greens.

Using ultra high speed video cameras and highly advanced, putting-specific diagnostic software analysis (Quintic Ball Roll), we can directly see how the ball is launching more efficiently using TRU2 “Multi Groove Angle” Technology.

The more time the ball spends on the putter face the better control a player has of the roll and therefore the pace of each and every putt. Better roll through increased friction and interaction between the putter face and the ball cover. This is what control feels like. This is a real advantage.

TRU2 GOLF is a new golf brand with new technologies

TRU2 GOLF Putters are designed to give the player maximum control on the green producing better scores and more enjoyment while playing the game we love. TRU2 Golf is proud to introduce a new series of beautifully styled putters that feature a new, patented face technology that you must experience to believe.

The TRU2 R&D team in Dallas TX has produced a putter face that modulates the launch angle of your ball to create more consistent putting. Multi-Angle Groove Technology helps the ball launch at a more consistent angle even when struck on the bottom or top of the putter face. This technology provides more consistent and predictable roll no matter who is using it.


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